Mumsnet Recommends- Yes, we really do buy the stuff we see mentioned on Mumsnet!

The Millers Tale

This article by Mumsnet Lancashire- Em Hill, caught our eye. Read the original here.

79% Of Mumsnetters buy a product after reading about it on Mumsnet

 I find these figures fascinating: 79% of Mumsnetters read about a product on Mumsnet then go on to buy it and; 80% of users seek advice or read reviews on Mumsnet when they are planning to buy a child-related product and this got me thinking – what have I bought after reading about on Mumsnet?
(Stats are from an independent study of on-line parenting forums for the Arts and Humanities Research Council).
Karcher steam cleaner- something else I applied for-a product test. I got one, added my feedback, following the feedback thread avidly to read about the experiences of the other testers. It does a fabulous job especially on tiles- my kitchen wall tiles shone like when they were new and it wasn’t an easy task due to…

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