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The Crown & Castle in Orford – We review.

The Millers Tale

download The frontage of the Crown & Castle

We have stayed at The Crown & Castle on three separate occasions in rooms across the tariffs- from the dog friendly garden rooms to prime rooms overlooking Orford Castle (dreamy and romantic) and have yet to be disappointed. The dog friendly rooms do not smell of dog either -something that concerned us when we had to be moved there one night. The hotel is dog friendly though, even providing a pre-bookable doggy table in the restaurant area.- something you need to consider if you detest dogs. Children are welcomed of any age in the restaurant at lunchtime and those over 8 years old in the hotel and at dinner time so please be aware of this as some guests have and do complain. Car parking can be an issue when the hotel is full as they state they are two places short and therefore…

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Essex Air Ambulance Afternoon Tea

Tea, Coffee and Cake – Time to Bake and Donate to YOUR life-saving Charity!
This weekend (Friday 27th – Sunday 29th June), Essex Air Ambulance is calling on people across the county to hold a fundraising tea party in aid of the much loved Charity.

Afternoon Tea is a brand new fundraising initiative inviting hosts to sign up to take part and get their friends and family together for some tea and cake. You can make it as simple or as lavish as you like; hold it at home, work, school or even at your local club. Simply ask each of your guests to make a donation to Essex Air Ambulance.

Beverly Heard from Harwich is a volunteer for the Charity and is preparing for her afternoon tea. She said: “I got involved because the thought of afternoon tea with friends and people you know sounds lovely, sometimes we are to too busy and this is a perfect opportunity to meet up and also raise funds for Essex Air Ambulance.”

Margaret Eade of Southend has invited her friends and family for cream tea. Speaking of what inspired her to take part, Margaret said: “If it wasn’t for the Air Ambulance my son Matthew would probably not have survived his near fatal car accident last September. The little that I raise is far short to what we owe but every little helps as they say!”

Hosts can hold anything from a tea break with doughnuts to a Ritz style High Tea with cucumber sandwiches! You can buy cakes or bake your own its up to you! For some refreshing ideas visit

If you do not have the time to spare to host your own afternoon tea but would like to show your support then why not visit the Carousel Tea Room & Gift Shop in Westcliff-on-Sea or the Shoulder of Mutton in Fordham who are providing Afternoon Teas for their customers over the weekend with donations to Essex Air Ambulance.

Don’t miss out on the Tea Party of the year! Register now for £5 (includes Afternoon Tea Host Pack and free gift!) by emailing or calling 0345 2417 690.

Glamping Out….at Lanterns & Larks.

Mumsnet Suffolk & Norfolk Guest Post

The Millers Tale


Getting up close and personal with the great British countryside and the critters that make it their home has never been easier and more luxurious with the advent of Glamping- Glamorous Camping. Retaining the romance and freshness of outdoor camping whilst dispensing with the 3 a.m staggers to an outdoor toilet yards away and billy can baked beans, the Lanterns & Larks camp site set on a bucolic pasture in deepest Suffolk, provided us with a secluded, scenic break, luxury extras and a feeling of safety sometimes lacking in more traditional campsites.

glamping 023

Overlooking the copses, woods and deep valley cuts of Sweffling and the 16th century Sweffling Hall Farm (upon which it is sited), the four canvas tent lodges faced out over this greenest of views, interrupted only by the occasional foraging chicken and the farmhouse itself, tucked away to the right. A scenic drive through coastal, rural Suffolk passing…

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Have you considered adoption and do you live in Essex?

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Adoption Service are calling for potential adoptive parents from across Essex to come forward.


Can you make a difference?


Adopted children may have had a difficult start to life. Sometimes, adopted children’s early needs may have gone unmet and all will have experienced some form of trauma. Many have suffered abuse or neglect, all have been separated from their birth families and all have spent time in the care system. Many will have grown up feeling unsafe, uncared for and alone.


We need parents who are able to offer a child the love, care, time and understanding within a framework of boundaries and consistency to meet these children’s needs into adulthood and beyond.


Well cared for children will grow up feeling comfortable safe and loved.


There are many myths surrounding adoption, however, you can still adopt a child and give them the upbringing they deserve if you are single, homosexual, already have a family of your own, have a disability, have a modest income or consider yourselves ‘older parents’. All you need is space, time and love for a new child and the determination to stick through the process of building a strong relationship.


Barking and Dagenham


Barking and Dagenham Council is currently looking to find families for 30 children waiting for a home. They are holding a number of informal open information sessions where you can meet members of the adoption team and an adoptive parent and have all of your questions answered.


The 30 children include siblings such as siblings, Sophia and Eddie who are full siblings and are happy children. They are very close and enjoy playing together. Sophia is seven years old and Eddie is just five years old. Sophia and Eddie also have many friends at school and are very sociable children. Their general health is good and there are no concerns regarding their development.


*Names have been changed to protect the children’s identities.



A Happy Ending


Joanne,* single adopter shared “I adopted my daughter when she was 4. The adoption team at Barking and Dagenham were very welcoming. I was open minded and wanted to find out if I was right for adoption and adoption was right for me.


“As a single adopter I found that there were more couples than singles at the adoption workshops but I expected this and never felt discriminated against.  I have to sing the team’s praises as my little girl was a great match. For me adoption has been a very good experience.”


*The adopter’s name has been changed for privacy


The upcoming event will be held on:


Saturday 5 July 2014, 2pm to 4pm, Broadway Theatre, Barking, IG11 7LS


For information about adoption or to reserve your place at this event please call 020 8227 5555. To apply or find out about future information events please visit

Mumsnet Campaign for Better Miscarriage Care


Half of women who miscarry wait 24 hours or more for a scan,

and are treated alongside women with healthy pregnancies


Mumsnet calls for manifesto commitment on better miscarriage care…




Mumsnet, the UK’s biggest website for parents, is today publishing the results of a survey into patients’ care and experiences following miscarriage. Around a quarter of a million women miscarry in the UK each year1 – about one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage – but the statistics published today show that the treatment and support women receive fails to meet their needs or measure up to official national guidelines.

A survey of over one thousand women2 shows:

  • Half (46%) had to wait over 24 hours for a scan to determine if their baby was still alive, with one in five (18%) waiting longer than three days

“When I asked how much longer it would be, I was told I was taking up their time.” A Mumsnet user


  • Half (47%) were treated alongside women with ongoing pregnancies

“I sat with other ladies who were still pregnant and waiting for scans… seeing their happy faces tore me apart.” A Mumsnet user


  • A third (31%) of those who miscarried at home following a scan were not offered any pain relief, or adequate pain relief

“I was under the impression that miscarrying at home was the easy option. It certainly is not easy. I have been in agony.” A Mumsnet user


  • 58% of respondents wanted counselling, but only 12% were offered it

“I had to wait six months to get counselling and lost six months of my life as I was not   coping with the loss.” A Mumsnet user


56% of respondents wanted further medical care but only 26% were offered it

“The hospital said they’d ask a health visitor to contact me. That was two months ago;    nobody has been in touch.” A Mumsnet user

  • Only a quarter (23%) spoke of their experience to friends, and only 13% told wider family

When I felt ready to talk, I didn’t have anyone ready to listen.”  A Mumsnet user


In 2012, NICE guidance on the management of miscarriage stated that miscarrying at home (known as ‘expectant management’) would be the default clinical response for women undergoing miscarriage before the 13th week of pregnancy, but today’s results show this policy is leaving women without the support they need.

  • Only 15% of women who miscarried at home following a scan felt they had the right support, information and pain relief to manage

“I was told, over the phone, to ‘just sit on the toilet and hopefully it will all come out’.”


  • 11 people were asked to store their foetus at home prior to further tests on the embryo

“[I don’t want to] catch my miscarried embryo in a urine sample pot at home, keep it in the fridge overnight if necessary, then take it on the train (two hours) for genetic testing.”


Mumsnet users have developed a five-point Miscarriage Code of Care, which calls for straightforward improvements in the treatment parents receive:

1.  Supportive staff

2.  Access to scanning

3.  Safe and appropriate places for treatment

4.  Good information and effective treatment

5.  Joined-up care

Many of the Code’s points are included in best-practice guidance from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Department of Health, but the research shows that, too often, this guidance is not being implemented.

Mumsnet is now asking the Secretary of State for Health, the shadow Health Minister and the junior Health Minister to commit to improving miscarriage care during the lifetime of the next parliament.

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet Founder, said:

“There’s no escaping the pain of a miscarriage, but for this to be compounded by lack of treatment, pain relief, good care or just plain human kindness is completely unacceptable. We are calling on the three main parties to include a pledge in their manifestos to improve miscarriage care, based on the principles in our code.”


Cathy Warwick, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives, said:

“The Royal College of Midwives welcomes and supports the Mumsnet code of care which aims to improve care for women at a very difficult time. Midwives and other health professionals have an important role to play in supporting women and families through the physical and psychological impact of miscarriage. Kind, compassionate and empathetic communication around care and treatment is an essential step to support families. It is particularly important that there is effective communication between the hospital, GP and midwife to provide ongoing support or advice, as needed.”


Jane Brewin, Chief Executive of Tommy’s, said:

“Losing a baby is a devastating experience and our helpline hears from people every day who are struggling to make sense of what has happened to them and why. More research is needed to help us understand the causes of miscarriage so we can develop treatments that help save babies’ lives. We want families to know that they are not alone and that Tommy’s helpline is here to support anyone who has been through this heartbreak.”


Susan Seenan, Chief Executive of the national charity Infertility Network UK, said:

“Miscarriage is an extremely distressing, and often frightening experience and sadly even health professionals can underestimate the impact which a miscarriage can have.  Good support and access to counselling from sensitive trained staff who understand the emotional as well as the physical effect of miscarriage on both women and their partners can make an enormous difference to those dealing with the grief of losing a baby.  We hope that this campaign will lead to better care and support for everyone affected by what can be a hugely traumatic experience.”

Love Essex – The first of its kind as an Essex-wide anti-litter campaign.



LOCAL AUTHORITIES across the county are taking a unique approach to tackling litter, joining forces with three fast food giants to launch the first Pan-Essex ‘Clean Essex Campaign’.

All 14 Essex local authorities supported by Keep Britain Tidy, Essex County Council RP2 media and The Highways Agency will work alongside McDonalds, KFC and Dominos to raise awareness of litter and the risk of fines for those that offend.

The first time a campaign of this type has been run, the drive against litter will see the fast food chains promoting anti-litter messages backed up by local activities and enforcement through the local Essex authorities.

Cllr Wendy Schmitt, Cabinet Member for Place at Braintree District Council said: “Street cleansing alone costs taxpayers over £17 million a year in Essex, money which frankly could be better spent.

“Every council has their own campaigns, ways of reporting and levels of enforcement, but now for the first time we will be joining forces to really tackle the issue head on and raise awareness across Essex.

“I am delighted that the businesses have agreed to support the campaign, as they have an important role to play and we hope this will lead to other businesses supporting the campaign in the future”

The campaign will see all McDonald’s, KFC and Dominos franchises across the county taking part and helping to raise awareness.

Cherry Lewis Taylor, Franchisee at McDonalds added: “’It’s vital that everyone takes responsibility for tackling litter.  From local businesses like mine to communities and the residents of Essex, we should all make a commitment to help protect our local environment and keep it clean.

“Through this campaign, supported by our restaurants’  ‘Love Where You Live’ clean up events and daily litter patrols, we want to generate awareness of the issues, promote education on how best to dispose of rubbish and encourage everyone to act responsibly and pull together. Through our partnership with local authorities and other businesses throughout Essex, I am excited that this type of initiative will really start to make a difference in changing people’s behaviours.’

The Clean Essex campaign has also gained national support with Keep Britain Tidy supporting the joint approach to litter awareness.

Phil Barton, Chief Executive, Keep Britain Tidy said: “The Clean Essex partnership, where local authorities, businesses and communities are working together to tackle the problem of litter, is setting a fantastic example.

“No single organisation, charity or business can solve the problem of litter in isolation and to see all 14 Essex authorities coming together, with support from Essex County Council, Fast Food restaurants and Keep Britain Tidy, to run a campaign across the county is exactly the approach we need to see at a regional and national level.

“The bill for cleaning up litter in England is now close to £1billion a year and this is a price that we can’t keep paying.

“Essex has realised that, by coming together, they can make a difference and we commend them for their leadership and focus.”

For more information about the campaign visit