Essex Air Ambulance Tour, Earls Colne Airfield, Essex.

Myself and my children were recently invited to attend a tour at the base of the Essex Air Ambulance in Earls Colne.

I personally did not know that tours were available & I thoroughly recommend that people attend.

We learned so much about what the Air Ambulance can do and about the crew. For example, the helicopter will not take off without a full team on board comprising of a Pilot, a Paramedic and a Doctor.

The Paramedic has to complete a University course to be able to fly on the helicopter as they are also the Navigator.

The helicopter has everything on board that the crew could possibly need to perform procedures whilst attending a accident scene.

My children (aged 9, 10, 12 & 13) really enjoyed the talk as well as seeing the helicopter and also the vehicle used when the helicopter is unable to fly such as at night.

The Air Ambulance is run completely on donations and receives no Government funding, to donate visit here: and click the advert to the right hand side.

For details of booking a tour please contact Essex Air Ambulance: or 0845 2417 688.



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